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Governor of Poker

Play Governor of Poker!

Governor of Poker is a very simple game of poker strategy, in which you will win money playing poker, and then going shopping for new properties and changing city! You should then invest your earnings in buying real estate, and Saloons, stables and horses to travel from city to city raising your reputation!

Play Governor of Poker

In governor of poker-style game is Texas Holdem adopted, with an initial capital start looking for tournaments throughout the Texan territory, the commands of the game are very simple and all are controlled by your mouse. In terms of graphics quality is not very impressive, the visual effects are quite common, but it is a very fun game for anyone who simply likes to play poker and even popular!


You can play Governor of Poker here on our website, as you can see below or if you want you can download the game here to have a more complex version of the game.

Download Governor of Poker

Wait while the bar that says "Play Game" loads, and when it turns "red" you may begin playing Governor of Poker here for free, just enter a name and choose a genre to play and click "OK ".



Any questions or concerns send an email to suporte@pokersemdeposito.com.


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